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Welcome in our world of Daydream – world of carefree TRAVELS & FUN !

At DAYDREAM we believe that traveling is the only thing you can buy it and it makes you richer. Expiriences that you gian with traveling are priceless, because they define us into people with wider view on world and just life perspective is the one which decides if you wil know how to live happily or the life will pass by you.

DAYDREAM is a travel brand which connects people who demand more than just laying by the pool. We want to know the world and also taste it.

On destinations we meet new cultures, food, habits, music, architecture, different kinds of transportation, sports and ofcourse we afford agitated night life. And especially we conclude ne friendships with people who also wants more out of life.

Voyage where you can focus only on things which you rejoice. For everything else takes care your Daydream.
Are you also a Daydreamer?

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Advices for traveling – READ ALL

Personal documents

Before traveling check expiration dates of your identification documents, because it can happen that document expires just in the middle of your voyage.


To voyage do not carry excessive valuables, because it can quickly happen samo lost buggage or some quick hands take care that you go home »little lighter«.


Check your helth insurance with international assist and arrange it. The easiest at us at application. Accident never rest and it is better to be prepared to everything.


On voyage you have to rehydrate. Allways carry at least one small bottle of water with you, because we are not used to different climate and air conditioning on transport.